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(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

Muhammad was a pedophile?

I've recently viewing this question more often nowadays… before I shall discuss this point I shall 1st exhibit a small glimpse about the life of Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him:

Childhood to youth:

Prophet Muhammad was born as an orphan, his father died before his birth, and he witnessed his mother's death during their return from Madinah after visiting his father's grave and knowing his uncles there.

He was then adopted by his grandfather who soon died when he was 8 years old, so he moved to live with his poor uncle, Abu Talib who had many children, so Prophet Muhammad had to work as a shepherd to earn his living, then when he grew older he began to work in trading with his uncle till he passed 20, he then had a good reputation that other merchants wished to hire him to trade for them, among those was Lady Khadijah, who sent with him her slave Maysarah and ordered him to keep an eye on Prophet Muhammad and collect information about him.


Maysarah brought a very positive report together with the great gains the convoy had.. So Lady Khadijah, who had a former marriage, wished to take Prophet Muhammad as a husband, she sent her friend to mention her to him, so he agreed and she hired her uncle to be her agent, with the witness of Abi Talib, the Prophet's uncle.

Lady Kahdijah was a smart woman, and Prophet Muhammad treated her with great honesty and respect, she gave birth to 2 sons and 4 daughters. She believed in him and was the 1st human who embraced Islam after Prophet Muhammad. She spent her fortune for the support of Islam especially during the blockade they suffered for 3 years when Muslims were about to die.

A hard time:

After lady Kahdigah died (short after the blockade), Prophet Muhammad grieved her for two years, he was then near 50 years of age. Then a woman, Khawlah Bint Hakim came to him saying: has not time come for you to get married? He said: who? She replied: you want a virgin or a thiebaud (woman)? He said: name both. She said: if virgin, there is Lady Aishah, if not, there is Lady Sawda.

After Khadijah:

Prophet Muhammad decided to marry Lady Sawda, then after sometime he sent Khawlah to mention to Abi Bakr's wife about Lady Aishah. Abu Bakr didn't give an answer; his daughter was already engaged to Gubair Ibn Mutaam ibn Adyy. So he went to visit them to check the issue, their reply was: we won't marry our son to a Muslim woman to deviate him!

It was an obvious answer with NO, so he sent to Prophet Muhammad agreeing for the marriage, so Prophet Muhammad engaged Lady Aishah when she was 6 and married her when she was 9, she was the only virgin lady that Prophet Muhammad married.

Aisha (may Allaah be pleased with her) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) married her when she was six years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old, and she stayed with him for nine years." (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 4738)

The issue is also not fully set up, as when scholars gathered the evidences, they found a conflict in dates of her birth and death, since it was reported that she died at the age of 66 in Ramadan, year 57 Hijri
if we calculate, putting in mind that her marriage was settled in the 2nd year Hijri, we'll find that she was nearly 12 yrs of age.

Another conflict found, that her sister, Asmaa Bint Abi Bakr, was 10 years older than Lady Aisha died in year 75 Hijri, she was then 100 years old, so upon calculation and comparison, we'll find that Lady Aisha was then 17 years old.

So, enlightened with such conflicts we can then conclude that Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, married Lady Aisha after reaching her puberty.

(The following video, in English, deals with this issue.. worth viewing!)


Here are some notes:

Aisha was the one who revealed this fact, telling her age when she got married. If she felt raped or molested, would she talk so proudly about the issue? and if this condemns her, would she ever mention it, or would the narrators transfer what condemns their religion and prophet?
1- If the marriage was so wrong, then why did Khawlah mention her from the very beginning? And why didn’t Aisha’s mother object to the marriage? Instead she happily gave Aisha and prepared her for the marriage.

2- Why didn’t Abu Bakr the father of Aisha object to the marriage? If it was so wrong you would expect the father to have not allowed such a marriage to take place, as Abu Bakr was a merciful father, he didn't burry his daughters alive like other Arabs did at that time, and lady Aishah had a more than 10 years older sister, Asmaa who was already married.

3- Why did the women who were present with Aisha when she was about to be given to the prophet for marriage wished her luck and were happy for her. If the marriage was wrong, the women present would have been sad, and they would not have been happy for Aisha.

4- Are we supposed to assume that Abu Bakr, and Aisha’s mother, and the women present with Aisha are all pedophiles and child molesters? Indeed such a conclusion with be very ignorant, and arrogant.

5- Why didn’t any of the prophet’s enemies use this against the prophet Muhammad? If the marriage was so wrong, then you would expect to find his enemies to be the first ones to start using this against him, instead what we find is that his enemies NEVER EVEN ONCE brought this marriage up in a negative way against him.

6- In fact why didn’t any of the Arabs around the Hijazi area (including Jews and Christians) object or talk against this marriage? It was not only the pagan Arabs in Hijaz who didn’t object to this marriage, but the surrounding Arabs didn’t object to it neither!

7- Are we to assume that ALL these Arabs were pedophiles and child molesters? Indeed such a conclusion would make the one making this conclusion a very stupid man, because only a very stupid arrogant man would accuse an entire race of being child molesters and pedophiles.

8- Why is there not a SINGLE Hadith from Aisha showing her being displeased of the marriage? Why is there not one Hadith from Aisha showing her to be like a victim, instead when you look at Aisha you find no symptoms of a victim. She became a great scholar for Islam who would teach about Islam to many men. Does this seem to be the symptoms of someone who has been abused?

9-Prophet Muhammad then married different women, nearly 9, every woman had her full rights in share of nights and expenses, including Lady Aishah who excused the old Ladies to give her their night shares!

10-If Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile person, he should have then married more than one virgin at the same age of Aishah, and he could do so with great welcoming from parents!

Lady Hafsah:

Omar Ibn El-Khattab had a daughter named Hafsa who got married when she was 10 years old. When Hafsah's husband, Khunais Ibn Huthafah died in Uhud (she was then 20 years old), Omar began searching for a husband for her, he spoke to Uthman, then to Abi Bakr who both didn't give an acceptance, then Prophet Muhammad engaged her.

The evidence in this story is two points:

1- Hafsah was also married young, and when she became a widow, her father didn't wait to find her a suitable husband.. This reflects the appreciation of having a stable marital status for their daughters.

2- Omar spoke to Uthman who was then 7 years older than Prophet Muhammad, and to Abi Bakr who was 2 years younger than Prophet Muhammad and was already married, so Omar was searching for the perfect husband according to good moralities not to age.

Something good to mention is that Prophet Muhammad, though having that number of wives, didn't have any children from them except from Lady Maria the Coptic, it was a boy, Ibrahim, who died 16 months later.

Both Ladies, Aishah and Hafsah lived long after Prophet Muhammad died... During her life, Lady Aishah was the reference for Muslims in everything concerning religion according to what she witnessed during her life with the Prophet. She corrected many mistakes in practicing religion, especially concerning the status of women and their rights, her long life was the greatest benefit for us, Muslims, and to her are the greatest rewards in heaven, may Allah be pleased with her.

What was the case in other non-Muslim nations? watch this video

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  1. what does the conflict with the date of her birth mean? she could have been older?

  2. Nope, it means as recording of birth dates was't found at that time, her age is not fully known, yet.. her age will be between 9-17 not more, even 17 is much.. but it reflects she got married when she hit puberty

    at that time, no woman could stay unmarried till 15

    as you see in the post, Lady Hafsa got married at 10, we have no records for that, but we calculated it as Omar, her father used to kill his daughters before Islam, but Hafsa was kept cos she was born after her father embraced Islam, and with knowing her age when she married Prophet Muhammad and knowing the date of her marriage, which was the 2nd marriage, we could calculate her age when she 1st got married.

  3. Ok im still a little confused as far as how we know her age when the marriage was consummated. as far as how old she was when they married is not that big of a deal but when they consummated the marriage is what i am trying to understand.

    since no one can positively say for fact how old she is it is possible she was a teenager.

    was she a teenager when that happened because if so then that changes things. it makes it seem a lot more normal and not controversial which i think she had to have been. although women married young back then the majority of them married when they were in their teens as far as when they had sex i do not know but would assume they would have to have been a few years past puberty.

    but one very important question roaming around in my mind is, How and What does Islam and Muslims feel and do in today's time concerning marriage to kids with grown men as far as having sex with them.

    i could never imagine it in today's time as a man would really be called a pedophile because their are plenty of older women and their is no need for women to merry young at all any more with the way the world has modernized.and girls that young in today's world should not have to be worried about marriage and having sex and kids when they are still kids themselves.

  4. what we know is that Lady Aisha migrated to Madina a year after Hijra, and her marriage was consummated there.

    as she stated, 3 years past from proposing engagement till marriage.

    concerning modern times... this thing is totally variable from one society to another, still people from different religions marry at young age, just go to Asian Himalaya and watch there, or middle Africa then.

    in Yemen, till now women marry at young age.. in fact no woman stays without a husband there.. so it's not found there that women grow up single.

    Such societies are vast, and this doesn't reflect ignorance or poverty. in fact, modernization brought misery to many.

    You'll find that in societies where life is still in native form, those who inhabit lands we don't imagine to live in, like Sahara and mountains, or even jungle. They are happily living, and adapted to their lives.

  5. still confusing as far as how old she was.

    I GUESS but i will still talk to my Muslim brother and ask him. he believes she was a teenager or older than 9.

  6. accept it as it is, Julian.. cos if you trust Prophet Muhammad to be fair enough you'd then be sure he is a merciful human that doesn't dare to hurt anyone, lest his most beloved wife.

    Lady Aisha herself was very pleased with her situation, who wants better than that for his daughter?

    My grandmother got married at the age of 12, she was an orphan.. her parents were both dead and she moved to her aunt's house who was old and poor.
    she got married to be protected by a man.. she raised 3 men including my father, may Allah reward her with Jannah.
    how many are in her situation? how many wish to be settled in a house instead of an unknown future?

    I find it more honourable indeed!

  7. @ julian it would good if you could read this too

  8. i read it and it make sense. I am going to continue learning about this.

    but the way i see it is, why are their two different beliefs. both seem logical based on the evidence presented. but until i read the things for myself and understand it then i will not be able to say that i believe one over the other.

    either way one day this subject will be fixed.

    1. Salam alikom.

      when you mentioned about a message I didn't reply, I searched my mail and found this comment.. I think this what I didn't reply, I didn't notice it brother, I'm sorry.

      I think you mean why there is some confusion in dates and numbers concerning Lady Aishah's age.

      I tell you why: the Arabs didn't have a constant calendar to measure on, they used to measure years with big events happening in these years. the beginning of the Hijri calendar began in the time of Omar. So, you'll find a great conflict before that time, afterwards the counting went straight accurate somehow.

  9. What about Mary, Jesus' Mother peace be upon both of them? How old was she when she got pregnant?Not only was it a custom in the Arab society to Engage/Marry a young girl it was also common in the Jewish society. The case of Mary the mother of Jesus comes to mind, in non biblical sources she was between 11-14 years old when she conceived Jesus. Mary had already been "BETROTHED" to Joseph before conceiving Jesus. Joseph was a much older man. therefore Mary was younger than 11-14 years of age when she was "BETHROED" to Joseph. We Muslims would never call Joseph a Child Molester, nor would we refer to the "Holy Ghost" of the Bible, that "Impregnated" Mary as a "Rapist" or "Adulterer"." is possible that Mary gave birth to her Son when she was about thirteen or fourteen years of age...." (Source) [2]Also, this paragraph was sent to me by brother Mike, who embraced Islam recently; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him: According to the Priest of Saint Mary's Catholic Church: "Mary was approximately 14 years old when she got pregnant with Jesus. Joseph, Mary's Husband is believed to be around 36. Mary was only 13 when she married Joseph. When she first was arranged with Joseph she was between 7 to 9 years old."According to the "Oxford Dictionary Bible" commentary, Mary (peace be upon her) was was 12 years old when she became impregnated.So if I want to be as silly and ridiculous as many of the Christians, I would respond to them by saying that Mary was psychologically and emotionally devastated for getting pregnant at a very young age. And speaking of "child molesting", since most Christians believe that Jesus is the Creator of this universe, then why did GOD allow himself to enter life through a 12-year old young girl's vagina? Please note that we Muslims love and respect Allah Almighty, Mary, Jesus and Allah's Message to the People of the Book (The Jews and Christians). In other words, we Muslims would never make fun of Christianity through such childish topic like this one as many ridiculous Christians do make fun of Islam through our Prophet's (peace be upon him) marriage.Joseph, Mary's husband, was "90 years old" when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary! Was he too a pedophile? No he wasn't.... just keep in mind in islam we dont belive she (mary) got married this is from the christian and biblical perspective.... but its just to prove a point and im not pointing fingers just talking haq (truth)


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