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(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

Respect and Kindness towards Parents

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The U.S. like many other nations has two national holidays dedicated to parents. One is Mother's Day and the other is Father's Day. On these holidays children are encouraged to be especially kind and loving towards their parents. However, in Islam everyday should be parents' day. After obedience to Allah (s.w.t) and His messenger it is most important to be kind and obedient towards our parents. Essentially it is the duty of every Muslim to be polite and helpful towards their parents.
We as children often forget or take for granted exactly how much our parents have done for us. Every mother bears the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. She often spends many sleepless nights patiently caring for her baby's needs. If the baby is sick the parents nurse it back to health. Parents happily spend their money and time to buy clothes, food, and medicine, for the baby and toys to make him or her happy.
As a child grows up parents often work very hard to provide him or her a good education and a loving home. They are often there for all the important events in their child's life, from their first words to their college graduation, professional career and marriage. Parents give their children all of their love and support. Even if the child makes a mistake the parent forgives them. In poorer regions parents often feed their children while they themselves may go to bed hungry. Also, Muslim parents pray that their child will grow up to be successful and happy in this life as well as in the hereafter.
Although we can never repay our parents, especially our mothers, for all of their hard work, we can take small steps to make our parents happy and earn the pleasure of Allah (s.w.t.). Here are some helpful tips:
Being respectful: Society believes that the behavior of a child is reflective of their parents. So we should strive to have good morals and manners first to please Allah (s.w.t) and then our parents. Parents often feel very happy if their child is kind, polite, and helpful.
Physically taking care of them: When parents become old and are no longer able to take care of themselves they need the loving care of their children the most. We should never forget that if our parents had not taken care of us when we were young and helpless then we may not have been here now. Since our parents took care of us when we needed them the most it should be our pleasure to take care of them when they need us the most.
Doing Chores: If we are blessed to be still living with our parents we should help them out by offering to do some of the household chores to ease their burden. If you don't live with your parents you can still make an effort to contact or visit them on a regular basis.
Financial help: If your parents are financially burdened and Allah (s.w.t) has blessed you with some wealth then you should help your parents financially to the best of your ability. Remember, Islam is the religion of moderation and you are only required to give as much as you can without burdening yourself.
Kind words: The Holy Quran advises us to avoid even saying uff to our parents. Uff is the shortest word in the Arabic language that shows a sense of anger or discontent. Instead Allah (s.w.t) advises us to say kind words to our parents. Kind words can include compliments that will please your parents.
Give gifts: Remember that when giving a gift it is the thought that counts. This is especially true for our parents. Our parents can easily be pleased by simple inexpensive gifts that show them that you care.
Deceased parents: According to prophetic narrations if one or both of your parents have died you as a righteous child can help them receive rewards from Allah (s.w.t.). You can do this my mentioning them in your duas by asking Allah (s.w.t.) to forgive their sins and have mercy on them and grant them Jannah. You can give charity on their behalf as well.
Obey Allah (s.w.t.) first: If your parents ask you to do something which Allah (s.w.t) has prohibited then you should not obey them. However, you should respectfully explain why you can't obey them. Even if your parents are not Muslim you should still be kind and respectful to them because this is what the holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) has taught us.
Source: Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq by Aisha Lemu

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