Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha il-lAllaah, Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar, Wa Lil-laahil-hamd

(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

The Insulting Film!

The insulting film, no more than a repeated trick often made when a political move is to take place.

Egypt, responses to the insulting film.
The political aim behind the insulting film is not unseen.. it seems when wishing to make a coverage for a political move or turn people's attention from something they just show up with the same issue, and they know for sure it has been tried and shown efficacy.

Although I refuse to fall in such trap each time, and although I have my objections to the way Muslims react towards this issue every time, though other issues which deserve the same attention don't get it, like the disaster of Myanmar..
it seems the Muslim reaction raises the same question every time, why is all this about?

People may say, OH! again the naughty Muslims rise up with anger for a simple piece of art! they have no evaluation to arts and freedom of opinion!

Here is the point,

away from the general aspects of human rights which are obviously NOT PRACTICED ANYWHERE, even in the countries who called for them.. the freedom we know, and have been raised with, says that you're free as long as you don't hurt others!
there's a line between criticism and insult which reasonable persons realize very well.
I may criticize my president, accuse him of being liar or whatever thing I may choose if I have evidence, but does that give me the right to mock at his private life, his family or hurt his relatives with any kind of insult? if I'm to do this, I'm no more than a childish crap!
I may really mock at his way of governing the country, but do I have the right to accuse him of being sexually unstable or draw him in weird positions? absolutely NO, even if I've Evidence.

Yes there's some kind of such things take place in Europe and some other countries, and they pass under the umbrella of the freedom of speech, but from a pure moral view, is that right? does this make me a HERO? No, it only makes me a valueless person and lessens the respect of others to me, and what would such "art" add to humanity? nothing but disgust and fall of the general moral principles in the society.
Suppose I have a case that needs attention, would this benefit my case? I don't think so... and if it would, though I doubt it, wouldn't a more civilized manner be more effective?

Insulting the Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him wouldn't harm him, it didn't harm him when he was alive nor would after his death, but it just hurts us, Muslims, and this is simply the aim.
why not hurting him? coz it's simply not him!
cartoon published in
Akhbar-Alkhalij, 22-9-2006

Yeah, was the drawing resembling him? No, it resembles a totally different person!
was the actor in the film resembling him? Never! coz he has no alike!
so, they are just wasting their time!
prophet Muhammad was exposed to insult when he was alive.. he said (what means):
do you know how Allah protects me from the harm of Quraysh? they insult a Muthammam (means disrepute, they called him so) while my name is Muhammad (means praised in earth and in heaven).
Every one has a limit he wishes nobody to exceed it. So, as I don't like others to exceed their line when dealing with me, I shall also never exceed my line when dealing with them.
When I show this attitude to others, I expect to gain the same, but if I found others exceeding their limits with me, I won't let it go without putting an end! that's how we ordinary people treat each others. I wont accept it for my family either, or a friend of mine.. then how would I accept it for my prophet, or any other prophet?

The remarkable thing is..., the more they go deeper with their insult to the Prophet Muhammad,may peace be upon him, the greater the number of people who wonder who he was and try to search for the truth about him.

You may see this video with Sheikh Imran Hussain speaking about this incident and what it reflects on policy:

If you - my dear reader - are one of those who wonder who was Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, you may view these links, with my hope that you'll find what you're looking for:

Muhammad: legacy of a prophet 1-2, youtube
Biography of Prophet Muhammad, by Ibn Hisham
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accept my respect and glad tidings ^___^
Was-Salam Alaikom Wa Rahmatullah!

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  1. Aslaamalaikum sister not brother!! Alhumdulilah we are blessed to b Muslims alhumdulilah! It I'd very true wats u have said bt u know these people tey just wanna cause corruption with us Muslims kuz Tey know we will react wich gives tem a more reason to call us terrorists wich we are not! Who ever has done this Wil get his punishment ia in the hereafter an we Muslims should wait with sabre! Wen our time kums that's wen we all will ia b strong in our Iman an taqwa because we will have Allah swt with us an we are our prophet muhamned pbuh s ummah alhumdulilah

  2. Sorry if I offended any one bt that's the tRuth! I won't get in trouble will I!! It's like said freedom of speech

  3. No, dear, you're not offending anybody.
    But this is the nature of life, the old ongoing laws that admits the winning for the stronger.

    thousand human rights applications may rise, but at the end, language of strength is the coin which the world uses to interact and communicate.

    It's our fault at last, we Muslims are chasing behind our own ambitions and desires, excluding our duties towards this great religion and our fellow Muslims.

    Look what's happening to Muslims now by the hands of Muslims in Syria, and we, Muslims are JUST WATCHING!!!

    IT's our fault! we are the weak party!
    we broke the covenant we made with Allah!

  4. Aslaaamalikum sister how are u?? Yes your right we are weak bt wen we Muslims all unite we Wil b strong an bigger ia! Bt sister these people who are doin all this to Muslims-look at Burma I was discussed an crying we knt help tem y? Bt Allah promised we should wait with patience because we are being tested like our prophet was tested an we wait until it is our turn sn ia we will succeed ! We willunite as one an those who have suffered Allah will compensate mortem in the akhira an those are the one who are being tested an will b blessed us we have nt suffered or done any gud for our akhira!!@

  5. We need to wake up sister an strengthen our Inman b reafyvfor the dajjal because that's we've rtalky b tested!! Adtagfar may Allah have mercy on us!! Just have patience an do wats u kan do sn prepare yourself man dua is the only miracle!!! Pray that we Muslims WAKE UP OPEN OUR EYes TIME is ticking away!@@

  6. Sis....
    May Allah respond to ur prayers, Amen!

  7. Aslasmslsikum! How u?? Ameen sister! We all should raise our hands an ask is! May Allah except our pray an gv ys strength ameen


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