Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha il-lAllaah, Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar, Wa Lil-laahil-hamd

(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

Know your ancestors! (1) Imran Ibn Hussain, the model of patience

As-salam Alikom all Muslims in Allah's land

Time has come for this blog to open this series: KNOW YOUR ANCESTORS

We'll try to focus on some characters of the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them, their lives and lessons we could learn from them


Imran Ibn Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him)

Embraced Islam in the year 7 Hijri.

Omar sent him to Basra to be their Judge, people said about him: there's no one came to Basra better than Imran!

Once he judged against someone, but the man said: I swear you misjudged and oppressed me, he asked: how this?
The man said: you heard a forged testimony!
Imran said: so I return your rights from my own money and will never judge any more, and so he did..

Allah destined that Imran fell ill; he was diseased with ascites for 30 years! During these full 30 years he laid down on his back, his bed was from palm fronds and they made a hole in it for him to pee. Whenever people would visit him they couldn't help feeling sorrow for him

Once a friend of him, Mutraf Ibn Abdillah paid him a visit when he couldn't help crying, so Imran asked: what makes you so sad? He said: I hate seeing you in this state!, he said: don't be, if Allah loves this for me I shall love it for myself! Would you not till this secret till I die? I see angels everyday and speak to them!

Died in year 52 Hijri, may Allah be pleased with him.

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