Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha il-lAllaah, Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar, Wa Lil-laahil-hamd

(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

Mercy upon mankind!

Listen what your Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him says as he gives Ruqya to a sick sahabi:

In the name of Allah, soil of our land, mixed with the saliva of some of us, heals our sick with the permission of our Lord
Feel the kindness and passion of your prophet and the deep yet simple idea behind that:

Starts with the name of Allah, while touching the body of the sick Sahabi, showing the belief in Allah as the Supreme One; the only God that worth worship.

Then says: soil of our land.. as if there's some sort of connection between people of a certain country and their land, this connection that man can never escape. You can also notice that when Allah creates a sort of illness in some land He brings out the plant or means of cure

With the saliva of some of us: shows the humbleness of the Prophet may peace be upon him and also shows that this is not a specific property of him but any Muslim can do it no matter who he is

Heals our sick: "our sick" as the man is a Muslim, so he's one of our big Muslim family that has the rights of brotherhood that Allah ordained and prophet Muhammad taught.

With the permission of our Lord: He's our Creator and knows what shall heal our bodies and souls
And to Allah all the praise, 
and salla Allah ala sayyidina Muhammad

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