Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha il-lAllaah, Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar, Wa Lil-laahil-hamd

(Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest, Allaah is the Greatest,there is no god but Allaah; Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah be all praise)

The sunnah of Idtibaa and the sunnah of Raml

After what happened in Hudaybia when infidels refused that Muslims would make Umrah that year and made the contract that Muslims can come the next year to make their Umrah; Prophet Muhammad and his companions
came back the following year according to the contract to fulfil their Umrah.

But the infidels spread the rumour that Muslims are feeling weak and suffer from fever as a curse due to embracing Islam, the issue reached Prophet Muhammad so he said to the Sahaba, may Allah be pleased with them:

"May Allah grant with His mercy a man who shows them strength"

So when the infidels saw this they said: now you claimed they are weak? look now, they are running like gazelles!

This has encouraged some indeed to embrace Islam!

This is the origin of the sunnah of Idtibaa (letting one shoulder bare and the other covered during tawaf)
and the sunnah of Raml (walking fast during tawaf and saii between Safa and Marwa

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